What is Aerial Photography?
The process of taking photographs from a camera mounted or handheld from an Aircraft, Helicopter or Balloon. 

Aerial photography provides us with views of our world which can often show a different and sometimes unique perspective of our world and the clients projects.

There are two different types of Aerial Photography which may be classified as vertical or oblique depending on the angle of the camera with respect to the Earth's surface at the time of exposure.

Vertical photography?
Vertical is used for photo-grammetric mapping and requires a high degree of accuracy and specialist equipment. Vertical photographs present approximately a uniform scale and distortion throughout the photography thus making measurements (e.g., distances and directions) from vertical photographs more accurate.

Oblique photography?
Oblique photography is used for providing general information and often views that cannot be see from any other point of view and sometimes to verify certain attributes that can not be seen from any other angle. 

Oblique photographs cannot provide accurate measurements to the same degree as photo-grammetric mapping.  

What is the Price of the Photographs?
There are many variables that affect the cost of flying new photography. It is only after we have discussed the clients requirements can we start to tailor our prices to those requirements. 

How Do I order aerial photographs?
You can contact us either through e-mail, phone or fax. All of these can be found on the Contact Us page found on the navigation bar on the website.

What Information will Skycam require from the client in order to locate their site/s?
Skycam will require map/s showing the sites geographical location and plan/s showing the boundaries of the site/s. If clients experience problems finding a suitable map we ask then to visit a website www.multimap.com. You will be required to enter your postcode and print off a map. Important the red ring marking the site is probably wrong so please check the site is correctly marked. We suggest the 1/2500 scale map, please mark your site and send a copy to us with your instructions.

What type of plane do you use?
Skycam currently operates a Cessna 172 aircraft flown by commercially rated pilot.

What type of camera do you use?
The camera is a Mamiya 645 Pro medium format film camera. Lenses range from a 45mm wide angle lens to a 300mm telephoto lenses. The main type of film we use is Fuji 120 (Format size) 400 (film speed) colour negative film. For digital images we either scan our negatives or use a Canon Digital camera. 

How are the Photographs printed?
The company uses a professional film processing laboratory and all printing is to professional standards using the latest printing technology. Skycam offers a complete reprint and digital scanning services.



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